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Traditional Karate is steeped in understanding the
fundamentals of existence.
The individual, in order to be happy must  follow a set
of guiding principles and personal ethics. The suffix
"DO" in Karate-Do means "Path of enlightenment".

By in large there is no espoused "ivory tower" dogma for
the student of JKA Karate to adhere to.
However the Dojo-Kun which is a collection of five
principles in conjunction with a further 20 Precepts are the
only doctrine that the student will be encouraged to
memorize and ponder.

In contrast to many other kinds of spiritual intellectualisms,
the esteemed master and founder of Shotokan Karate,
Gichin Funakoshi predisposed his students to follow a more
"Zen" approach to awakening the spirit within. Constant,
hard and regular training was seen as integral to this. Along
with these 20 Precepts and the Dojo-Kun, the student is
implored to "rediscover" himself by becoming a more
complete human being, who through the course of his life
and training gradually Becomes more ethical, more aware
and more concerned about issues relating to proper
etiquette and propriety.

       Dojo Kun
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