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What is the best age to start Karate?

It is generally believed that  the    younger you start at something the better you will become. While this may be true, there are many cases where people have begun an endeavour quite late in life (relatively speaking) and supremely excelled. Many of the great Masters didnt start till their late teens and some not until they were in their twenties.

In truth it doesnt matter what age you start training. All that matters is that you train sincerely. If you train in this manner, then what you get out of training will be proportianate to the energy and thought that you put into it.This leads us to one of the five tenets of Karate which is "Put maximum effort into everything you do".


Will I get injured? 

All sports have their share of injuries. However Karate ranks as one of the lowest, lower than ice skating or even golf!

 How often should I Train?

Obviously the more you train the more you will improve. Our advice is to train as often as you can. Sydney JKA  offers the opportunity to train five times a week with no extra cost. However peoples hectic schedules make it difficult to commit to as many training sessions as they might like to attend. Therefore we encourage people to train as often as they can if it is for only five minutes in the comfort of their own home.

Remember the more you train, the more you will get out of Karate. Therefore we encourage people to train as often as they can, even if it is for only five minutes in the comfort of their own homes



How often should I REALLY Train?

A young pupil once asked his master, ”Sensei, if I train thrice a week, how long will it be before I’m a master?"

To this the master replied “Oh, about ten years.”

 Then the young student says “ Well I’m going train every day. How long will It take me then?”

 To this the master replied “Twenty years!”

               Is it suited for girls?


JKA Karate is suited for everyone regardless of gender or age. Testament to this is the fact that this particular style of karate (JKA) is the only style that has been successfully assimilated into the Japanese education system and therefor approved by the Japanese government.


How long will it Take to attain a Black Belt?

If you continue to train on a regular basis and commit to every Grading examination then you should be able to reach the level of Shodan (Black Belt) in 4 years.