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Sydney Karate JKA (Japan Karate Association) practices the
Style of Karate known throughout the world as Shotokan.
At present there are a number of Shotokan organizations,
However the JKA is the original and by far the most
The JKA is also debatably the largest Karate organization
In the world. No other Karate organization approaches the
Martial arts with greater intensity of purpose or depth.
With its main headquarters in Tokyo the JKA has the
Wherewithal to maintain a Large, dedicated and professional
Staff, most of whom are either past or present
World champions.
By becoming a member and practicing JKA you are giving
Yourself the absolute Best opportunity to excel in your
Karate career.
Sydney JKA offers separate kids classes and adult classes.
The curriculum taught has been established by JKA Tokyo and
is well thought out. If you want your child to learn self discipline
and focus then as a parent, the JKA is exactly
what you are looking for.





sydney kids karate 

   The JKA is the  ORIGINAL, LARGEST & most 
   PRESTIGIOUS Shotokan Karate organization 
   In the world.


sydney kids karate 

   The JKA is the only independant Karate entity 
   Legally & oficially recognized the the Japanese



  The JKA is centrally organized & coordinated through its
  Main headquarters Dojo in Tokyo.



  The JKA has affiliated clubs in over 100 Countries.




  The JKA has a highly dedicated staff of full time
  Instructors based in Tokyo.




  The JKA has its own World Cup Tournament.


  All JKA instructors must have current an official JKA
  Instructors and Examiners licence. This ensures that
  A standardization of technique throughout the world.





As a member of Sydney Park JKA you have access to all that
Being part of a large organization can provide. We are intent on
Providing a training environment which as closely as possible
Resembles a typical martial arts training hall in Japan.
In accordance with this Sydney Park JKA follows strict guidlines
In relation to protocol, student behaviour and ettiquette.
We believe that Karate is not simply a sport or exercise pastime.
As such it is the mission of the JKA and Sydney Park Dojo to
Instill within each student the spirit of Japanese Martial arts,
The aim of which should be to affect harmony of mind and body.
This can be achieved by improving the attributes of balance
Strength, perserverence and patience, leading to confidence and
Total self mastery.The "Awakening" of the spirit through constant
and hard training.



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 Contact: 0415-184-492



Sydney Park Dojo

Sydney Park Pavilion
Cnr Sydney Park Rd & Mitchell Rd
Alexandria / St Peters

Forestville Dojo

Forestville Girl Guides Hall
Forestville ave, Forestville


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